Celebrate Knoxville is now closed

The Celebrate Knoxville web site and related social media accounts are now closed. It was a great five years, but it’s time to move on to the next adventure.

Thank you to all our writers, photographers, sponsors, editors, and friends who supported us in many ways, big and small. We could not have done this experiment in online-only publishing local arts and entertainment without you.

Our new adventure is one that relates to our new passion: food and farming in Tennessee. There is so much more interest in local food sources, great restaurants and great chefs, sustainable farming methods and permaculture, homesteading, livestock and gardening, home brewing and home wine making, the list is so long.

So whether you’re just interested in how to mill and bake sourdough bread, or make your own kimchi, or brew your own beer, or if you think you might be raising grassfed beef or sheep or goats someday,  join us on the farm at TNFoodandFarm.com.