A1 Lab Arts call for artists

Emily Schleiner along with A1 Lab Arts is hosting an open call for artists interested in submitting work for the upcoming Past and Future Conditions show exploring the concept of truth and knowledge and time.

The art show is scheduled for Friday, February 5, 2016, from 6-10pm in Knoxville at 23 Emory Place.

Artists interested in the flux of conditions in which truth and knowledge are discovered, each in their own way are invited to contribute by creating artwork that highlights ‘now’ by focusing on the conditions of the past, present, or future.

Examples of conditions are: linguistics, living organisms (from natural history to biology), wealth to economics. This exhibit will seek to unveil our current zeitgeist through a process of elimination. Pieces can take a diversity of forms.
Interactivity in any form will be a plus but is not required.

There is no submission fee and no official restriction on size, but space is limited.

Submit entries to:
Submissions deadline: Sunday Jan 17th
​Art Drop Off: Sunday Jan 31st