Cereus Bright to headline at The Bijou

On October 10, 2014, Knoxville’s Cereus Bright will headline The Bijou Theatre, a
homecoming for the band, having spent much of 2014 on the road. Celebrate Knoxville spoke with guitarist Tyler Anthony for a few minutes by telephone today.

CK: You guys have been touring non-stop. Energy level good?

TA: I’m healthy, holding up. (laughs) Hardest part for me on the road is needing
creative space. Putting on the headphones and taking a walk is about the best you can get sometimes, just needing to recharge.

CK: Having fun playing with those other hometown guys, The Dirty Guv’nahs?

TA: We really are! So thankful for guys like them who support us. When we played with them at the Tennessee Theatre last New Year’s Eve, they brought me out to sing a duet with James (Trimble). That was amazing.

CK: We want a road photo! A dirty unshaven van photo! Not a slick promo photo from your web site.

TA: I’ll send you one. (He texts the photo below).


Tyler Anthony, Matt Nelson, Luke Bowers, Evan Ford. 

CK: Got any “and then the van broke down” stories?

TA: Of course we do. On the way to Chicago. Barely made it to the gig.

CK: Ha! You do have some good promo on your web site. Free download, new T-shirt. Very nice.

TA: Thanks. At The Bijou show we’ll have a brand new, never seen before, T-shirt for our Knoxville fans.

CK: Tell me about Count This Penny, who is opening for you on the Bijou show. How did you meet them?

TA: We met them in Nashville last year, and played a show that also had them on the bill. We found out they were originally from Oak Ridge, which we thought was pretty cool. This past summer we toured with them in Wisconsin (where they live now) and played a festival with them. We had so much fun out there, so when we got booked at The Bijou for October, we invited them to come and play with us, since they have family and friends here. We are excited about this homecoming show and really want to connect with our local fans, share what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown.

—Celebrate Knoxville. 9.23.14

Cereus Bright has toured supporting Jackie Greene, Sturgil Simpson, The Infamous Stringdusters, Judah & The Lion, and The Dirty Guv’nahs. The band’s recent video, a cover of The Bee Gee’s classic “Stayin’ Alive” was premiered by Paste Magazine.