CK interviews author Tim Dorsey

by Laura Long Martin, Celebrate Knoxville. ¬† New York Times Best Selling author Tim Dorsey says that increasing phishing/trolling directed towards his work was one of the reasons behind his novel “Tiger Shrimp Tango,” a book featuring his characters Serge Storms, his sidekick Coleman, and the latter-day noir private eye Mahoney.


Fiction readers who enjoy satire and gonzo humor will love Tim Dorsey’s latest edition in the Serge Storms saga, Tiger Shrimp Tango, published by William Morrow, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers, 2014.

“We always had Email stuff, you know, but we started getting calls to the house about my computer, folks saying they were from Microsoft but they weren’t, and that’s when I started looking into the State Attorney’s office for information on what scams were increasing in Florida,” Dorsey told Celebrate Knoxville in a telephone interview¬†today. “I saw this vast menu of scams going on and that became the theme for this book.”

Another ongoing theme in every Dorsey book is a visit to Florida landmarks such as Gatorland and Cypress Gardens, and Tiger Shrimp Tango treats readers to a visit to the state’s famed Tupperware Museum, a place that honors the invention of the Tupperware party by a Florida entrepreneur.

“I actually remember my Grandmother and my Mom having these Tupperware parties and people came from all over the neighborhood for these things,” Dorsey said. “It was a major social event. I really did visit that museum and that entire section of the book is about that visit.”

Fans of Dorsey’s work are always delighted in his ability to throw in trivia and word play that has a standalone quality but is always a part of the story, such as:

“Someone else paced feverishly with a telephone, cigar, and bitterness.” (pg. 131) and “…cheekbones jutted like a cross between Nicholas Cage and a competitive cyclist.” (pg 188).

“My wife calls it ‘brain candy,’ which I think is very kind,” Dorsey says. “She says that that’s the part of my stories that she looks for and really enjoys.”

Although Tiger Shrimp Tango was published this year, Dorsey says he already has a new photography book and a new novel ready to hit the shelves, “Shark Skin Suite,” on January 27, 2015.

“The photography book is the second one I put together of the places I have visited in Florida,” Dorsey said. “The first one worked out really well so I did another. They are only available on my web site. The new novel is very cinematic, a legal thriller, but not like any you’ve read before.”

Dorsey was a reporter and editor for the Tampa Tribune from 1987 to 1999.