Clarence Brown lab presents Mr Burns

Clarence Brown Theatre’s Lab presents “Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play,” from October 28 to November 15, 2015.

“This play provides us with a wonderful opportunity – the chance to think about and celebrate the things that keep us human, in the fullest sense of the word, as we move into an increasingly unpredictable and unnerving future,” said director Casey Sams.

Casey Sams (Director) is head of undergraduate studies in Theatre at UT, where she works with both graduate and undergraduates teaching Movement and Acting. The cast is comprised of UT Theatre MFA candidate Melissa David (Colleen/Bart) and the following UT Theatre undergraduate students: Emily Helton (Edna Krabapple/Chorus); Robert Parker Jenkins (Matt/Homer); Hannah Jones (Quincy/Marge); Ellen Nikbakht (Jenny/Itchy); Benjamin Pratt (Sam/Scratchy); Ethan Roeder (Gibson/Mr. Burns); and, Lauran Winder (Maria Lisa).

With a dual mission to train the next generation of theatre artists and to provide top quality professional theatre, the Clarence Brown Theatre at the University of Tennessee Knoxville is one of only 13 academic LORT (League of Resident Theatre) institutions in the nation.