Cresthill Cinema Club meets Jan 9

Cresthill Cinema Club presents “The Secret of Convict Lake” (1951) on January 9, 2015, at 8 pm.

This film salutes the great Zachary Scott, one of the most imposing stars of the postwar era. Tall, dark and handsome, he was adept at playing a wide variety of characters but is perhaps best remembered for his often over-the-top turns as the vain and sneering villain in many a melodrama and western.

Based on a true story set in the 1870s, The Secret of Convict Lake unfolds with a group of convicts escaping from a Nevada prison. They eventually make their way to a village – occupied only by women. The jailbirds descend upon the ladies, sparks fly and a cascade of plot twists ensue. Glenn Ford is the convict with a conscience, while Zachary Scott plays the nastiest of a very dissolute lot. The venerable Ethel Barrymore portrays the women’s leader and Gene Tierney is a member of her flock – a beautiful and somewhat mysterious outsider. Costarring is the fabulous Ann Dvorak, in a most provocative performance.

The cinema club meets in the clubhouse of the Windover Apartments, 301 Cheshire Drive, in Knoxville. Directions: Cheshire Drive is off Kingston Pike, near the Olive Garden; going down Cheshire, turn right at the Windover Apartments sign, then go to the third parking lot on your right.

This is a free event and the club welcomes new members. For more information, e-mail Jeff Gordon at