Don Pablos brings Tex Mex flavor

(Feb. 25, 2015) Knoxville native Mark Vandewart says he is thrilled to be deep in the heart of Texas right now, being trained to start his new management gig with local restaurant Don Pablos.


“It’s an 8-week training program here in Fort Worth, and I am really loving the family atmosphere of this business,” Vandewart told Celebrate Knoxville in a phone interview. “I wil start my new job at the Don Pablos in Knox Center Mall in March, so I only have a few weeks left here before returning.”

Vandewart says the restaurant concept of “Big Tex, Bold Mex,” is about fresh food with flavors that are so familiar in Texas where the restaurant began in Lubbock.

“My training has been so extensive, from learning guest satisfaction policies to safety to hosting/serving to bartending,” Vandewart said. “I love how the crew works together here and I love the detail-oriented menu. I have already had a lot of restaurant experience but this is a really great concept. Don Pablos has a really good following with repeat business and groups.”


A quick visit to the Don Pablos restaurant web page highlights some of the menu items: Cinco Combo, which is crispy beef taco, a soft chicken taco plus three enchiladas – cheese & onion, beef, and chicken. (Served with Mexican rice and choice of one side.)

“I hope that Celebrate Knoxville readers will visit me in Knox Center Mall after March 18, and say ‘hi,'” Vandewart said. “We have had our share of cold weather even out here but I am anxious for things to warm up and looking forward to getting back to East Tennessee.”