Knoxtravaganza announces line-up

The Knoxville Performing Arts Exchange (KPAX) announces the lineup for Knoxtravaganza, a local performing arts talent showcase at Modern Studio on Saturday, November 18 starting at 6pm:

Einstein Simplified
Theatre Obsolete
Full Disclosure Comedy
Kelle Jolly
Knoxville Theatre Club
Cattywampus Puppet Council
Juniper Stinnett
Uncensored & Origins (spoken word)

Speed painter Tracey Rowe Crocker will create paintings live as inspired by the performances, which will be available for purchase.

KPAX invites the general public to enjoy FIVE HOURS of the shiniest, the finest and the brightest stars of Knoxville’s performing arts scene. Theatre, dance, puppetry, poetry and much more! Only $5 at the door, +$2 to BYOB (21+). The $2 corking fee is waived with the purchase of advanced tickets.

KPAX supports local performing artists by providing the basic infrastructure and utilities (e.g. stage, lighting, and sound) in a stable, supportive environment combined with audience convenience and comfort. These provisions allow performing arts groups of all types and experience levels to focus more of their resources and efforts on artistic quality, enabling them to expand their audiences, and by extension, their programming. KPAX is overseen by Carolyn Corley as part of Modern Studio, a flexible entertainment venue providing the basic infrastructure and resources for performing arts groups to engage, excite and inspire Knoxville audiences.

Modern Studio is a flexible, mixed use maker & performing arts space located in Happy Holler (north Knoxville) that provides support & space to local entrepreneurs & artists.