Knoxville Marathon draws 8,938

The 2017 Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon, which took place April 1-2, 2017 in Knoxville, drew a record-setting 8,938 participants.

Gina Rouse of Knoxville won the women’s marathon for the second year in a row with a time of 2:52:06, beating her 2016 winning time of 2:53:16. Dylan Belles of Flagstaff, Arizona, won the men’s marathon with a time of 2:25:15.

“On behalf of Covenant Health, congratulations to all the winners and participants who completed a race this weekend,” Covenant Health President and CEO Jim VanderSteeg said. “Whether you crossed the finish line at age 4 or 94, ran a marathon or jogged a 5K, raced for the first time or the 10 th time, you should be proud of your accomplishment and for doing something good for your health.”

Race officials have verified the results in various categories, and the winners are as follows:

Men’s full marathon:

1. Dylan Belles of Flagstaff, Arizona, at 2:25:15

2. Peter Limo of Morristown, New Jersey, at 2:28:37

3. Peter Kemboi Chemaoy of Morristown, New Jersey, at 2:43:04
Women’s full marathon:

1. Gina Rouse of Knoxville, Tennessee, at 2:52:06

2. Lynn Baione of Sevierville, Tennessee, at 3:10:01

3. Eden Slater of Knoxville, Tennessee, at 3:16:08
Men’s half marathon:

1. Julius Koskei of Morristown, New Jersey, at 1:07:24

2. Austin Whitelaw of Johnson City, Tennessee, at 1:07:43

3. Teferi Regasa of Morristown, New Jersey, at 1:08:13
Women’s half marathon:

1. Firegent Ayalew of Morristown, New Jersey, at 1:22:47

2. Evan Adams of Johnson City, Tennessee, at 1:23:14

3. Amanda Martin of Knoxville, Tennessee, at 1:23:18
Men’s 5K:

1. Andrew Ogle of Knoxville, Tennessee, at 16:44

2. Aidan Delfuoco of Ann Arbor, Michigan, at 17:27

3. Douglas Cross of Knoxville, Tennessee, at 17:46
Women’s 5K:

1. Kelsey Kane of Knoxville, Tennessee, at 20:16

2. Allison Wilson of Knoxville, Tennessee, at 21:19

3. Tommi Buford of Knoxville, Tennessee, at 22:17
The race also included several handcyclists and wheelchair competitors. Winners in the

handcyclist category for the full marathon are as follows:
Men’s Handcycle Marathon:

1. Kevin Siebarth of Monroe, Michigan, at 2:03:48

2. Dennis Clark of Oliver Springs, Tennessee, at 2:06:18

3. Ronald Malik of Tremont, Illinois, at 2:08:26
Women’s Handcycle Marathon:

1. Carly Pearson of Knoxville, Tennessee, at 2:29:42

In addition to individual participants, the race also included a two- and four-person marathon relay. The men’s and women’s 5K run and one-mile Covenant Kids Run were held Saturday, April 1.
The Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon is a premier event organized by the Knoxville Track Club, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the encouragement of physical well being through running, jogging, competitive road racing, race-walking, fun runs, cross-country and track and field.