KWG announces winners

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (Feb. 17, 2015) – The Knoxville Writers’ Guild is excited to announce the winners of its annual writing contest.

Winners for each category are listed below:

Leslie Garrett Award for Literary Fiction
First Place: “A Family Meeting” by Phyllis Gobbell
Second Place: “The Clam” by Kirsten Rudberg
Third Place: “Choked” by Cathy Kodra

First Place: “Metaphor Man – Chapter 2” by David Booker

First Place: “Elsie” by Bob Godwin

First Place: “A Place for Lovers” by Patricia Hope

Novel Excerpt
First Place: “Maranatha Road” by Heather Bell Adams
Second Place: “Hold String and Fly” by Heather Bell Adams
Third Place: “The Hungry Years” by Connie Green

Creative Nonfiction
First Place: “Weighing Up the Risks” by Pauline Mary Curley

Libba Moore Gray Award for Poetry
First Place: “Carbon Monoxide” by Embley Veronica Noechel
Second Place: “Three Poems: ‘November 1862,’ ‘Three Men,’ and ‘An American Painting'” by John Mannone
Third Place: “Backwater Blues” by Faith Gomez

Young Writers’ Poetry Prize
First Place: “Easy Does It,” “Paper Doll” and “Space Traveler” by Jessica Moore
Second Place: “Entombed,” “Makeshift” and “To Whom It May Concern” by Elizabeth Wilson

Young Writers’ Fiction Prize
First Place: “Big Jim’s Antiques” by Abby Douglas

One Act Play
First Place: “Still Waters” by Mark McGinley

KWG congratulates the winners and expresses its thanks to all who participated. For more information about future contests and events, visit