Lisa Brown receives Park award

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is pleased to announce the selection of Lisa Brown as the Park’s 2016 “Employee of the Year.” This marks the 33rd anniversary of an important partnership between the park and its neighboring communities which recognizes the outstanding work of park employees in all disciplines. A public event was held recently to make the award on the lawn at Park Headquarters near Gatlinburg, TN.

Employee of the Year, Lisa Brown, began her career at the Smokies 26 years ago as an administrative assistant with the Resource and Visitor Protection Division. Lisa is responsible for a wide variety of administrative processes. In 2016, Lisa processed over 480 special use permits for the public with great efficiency, outstanding customer service, and coordination with park staff to ensure park resources and visitor experiences were not negatively affected by special events. She also processed over 110 search and rescue report packets and oversaw the park wide monthly visitation statistics in addition to completing routine administrative tasks in a timely manner.

“To me, Lisa Brown sets the standard for all employees to strive to achieve,” said North Carolina District Ranger Joe Pond. “Lisa has a deep rooted love for the park, the local community and a strong vision for how we, as public servants, should be serving the public. She is a relentless, unwavering professional”.

Both park staff and visitors benefit greatly from the incredible amount of work that Lisa accomplishes. Lisa serves as a mentor to all her coworkers by sharing her years of institutional knowledge and offering a helping hand to anyone in need.

“Lisa’s positive attitude and exceptional work ethic is inspirational to say the least,” said Superintendent Cassius Cash. “She represents the National Park Service well and we are honored she calls the Smokies home.”