Spay It Forward

East Tennessee – Springtime marks the beginning of kitten and puppy season and in turn shelters and rescues become overcrowded with unwanted litters, abandoned mothers, and lost, wandering males. Many of these animals never find homes.


Each year four million cats and dogs are euthanized in the U.S. This is why the Humane Society of Tennessee Valley began the Spay it Forward campaign. Spaying and neutering is an important step towards preventing further and future overpopulation. For each animal sponsored during the campaign, two unwanted litters are potentially saved from euthanasia this year.

On Saturday, March 21, 2015 the surgeries will be done at HSTV’s low-cost spay/neuter clinic on Kingston Pike in Knoxville. Until that date HSTV is challenging residents to pay it forward and be part of the solution to ending euthanasia of cats and dogs.

Donations made to the Humane Society of Tennessee Valley help to make these surgeries affordable for families who know they need to have their pet spayed or neutered but might not have the funds.

Those interested in fully or partially sponsoring a surgery can donate by calling the clinic at 865-579-6738.