Transportation draft available for review

With a gas tax increase among the most important topics for the 2017 Tennessee legislature, a new study from the University of Tennessee Knoxville shows that a majority of Tennesseans want more investment in biking and walking. According to a recent poll, if the gas tax is increased, 57 percent of Tennesseans support increased funding for biking, walking, and transit.

A majority of registered voters also believe that investments in walking and biking infrastructure are investments in safety. Tennesseans also said they are more likely to support a gas tax increase if local governments retain control over how to spend this money.

Bike riders are a common sight in Market Square, downtown Knoxville. Long range plans for bike lanes connecting five counties could provide increased opportunities for economic growth as well as benefits for health and fitness in East Tennessee. Photo by

Mobility Plan 2040 is the long-range transportation plan for the Knoxville region (including Anderson, Blount, Knox, Loudon, and Sevier). The plan guides transportation decisions and funding over the next 20 years.

The first draft of Mobility Plan 2040 is available for public review and comment. Comments will be accepted until the end of January 2017. Visit

Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization is also taking comments on the revised project list – including greenways and bicycle facilities in the region. There is an interactive map, which can be used to view all projects, or just bicycle and pedestrian projects. Readers can also look at just the projects in specific counties, can comment on a specific project via the interactive map (click on the project, then on “details” in the pop-up box) or email with general comments.