New voices at Knoxville Writers Guild

The Knoxville Writer’s Guild’s Thursday, February 2, 2017 program, “Bold New Voices,” features three electrifying, socially and politically engaged young poets and performing artists at the Fellowship Hall of Central United Methodist Church, 201 S. Third Avenue, Knoxville, starting at 7 p.m.

Rhea Carmon is a mathematician, poet, singer, youth mentor and creator of the powerful Fifth Woman group, inspiring women to “step on stage and bare their souls in front of an audience.” Her monthly reggae-inspired poetry slams excite and nurture scores of young poets. Photo courtesy Knoxville Writers Guild.

Jeb Herrin brings his dramatic experience as a medic in Iraq to his work in the MFA program at the University of Tennessee. His work takes us deep into the soldier’s journey from training to deployment, and then back to civilian world, where another battle for survival begins.

Ben McClendon’s work is widely published, exploring ecology, politics, and the power of queer love in an age of profound environmental risk. Poetry, he says, “is well situated to explore, celebrate, and inquire into all things ecological because its tradition has always been to explore the human, and through us the world.”

Knoxville Writers Guild meetings are open to the public. A $2 donation is requested at the door.